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You are welcome at Cool Kids Only in the PC Hooft Clinic as soon as your first tooth breaks through. From that moment on, it is important to take good care of your teeth, so that they remain healthy and strong. Just like you!

Cool Kids Only

As soon as your first teeth appear, mom and dad can take you to the clinic, for example if they have to come for a check-up themselves.

The dentist will then explain to you how to best care for your teeth. This is not just about those few minutes of brushing a day, but also about what you eat and drink and when. Together we ensure that you save your teeth, for example when you are allowed to snack. So that they can continue to do their work for a very long time.


Brushing is important

Did you know that brushing teeth is extra important, because the enamel is not yet strong enough? It is therefore important to pay close attention while brushing and to give all your teeth enough attention. Until you are about 10 years old, your parents should actually brush again after you have done your best to ensure that all your teeth are really clean. We can teach you how to become a star at cleaning, so before you know it you won't need your parents anymore ;).

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