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You will receive your bill from Infomedics

In our clinic we are happy to give you all the attention and good care. That's why we work together with Infomedics for sending and collecting our invoices. This means that you will receive a bill for your care from Infomedics. 


Reimbursement from your health insurer

If your health insurer reimburses part of your bill, this will be clearly stated on the bill. You pay what remains to Infomedics. Do you have a question about the amount of the compensation on your account? Please contact your health insurer. Is there no compensation on the bill? Then pay everything to Infomedics and then check whether you can still submit the bill to your health insurer. 


From now on you will receive your bill digitally

You will receive an email from Infomedics at the email address known to us. It is therefore important to provide us with your current email address. We also need your mobile number. You will receive an SMS code from Infomedics to open your account. In this way, Infomedics ensures that your data remains well protected.

Would you prefer to continue receiving your bill by post? Please let us know during your next visit.

Below you can see exactly how it works:


Arrange it online!

On the website of Infomedics you can arrange many matters regarding the payment of your bill quickly and easily, for example:


- Check status of your payment
Go to You will find the bill checker directly at the top of the web page. Enter the description (series of numbers) on the invoice and check whether your invoice has been paid. If this is not the case, you can pay directly via iDEAL.


- Assistance with paying your bill

Infomedics has a payment term of 30 days. If you are unable to pay on time, you can request a deferral of payment free of charge. You can also make a payment arrangement at a cost. You can find more information about it online Infomedics Payment Plan

Do you still have a question? Then call the Infomedics Service Desk on telephone number 036 – 20 31 900 (Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

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